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One of the most important and exciting aspects of being sociology student is the opportunity to conduct social research. Many of the required and elective courses for sociology majors and minors encourage students to engage in sociology research and the development of sociological theory. Below are a few examples of student research and other forms of scholarship from sociology students at Concord. This project explores current attitudes about hook up culture and traditional dating relationships. Through the use of qualitative methods in which interview data from several different college aged students including students of different racial and ethnic backgrounds was compiled, hooking up participants within the ages of seem to be more and more common. This information is useful in helping students make decisions on dating relationships.

Troy Barnes

Robert J. Stephure, Susan D. Boon, Stacey L. MacKinnon, Vicki L.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto Sexual Motivation in Dating Relationships Awards, Fellowships and Scholarships.

This scholarship is in recognition of Sullivan’s ongoing commitment and passion related to issues of multiculturalism and inclusion. Deadline: January 4, ; January 4, Sponsor: Division In this position he managed the Practice Directorate’s program of making resources available to 60 affiliated psychological associations in every state and several Canadian provinces and U. Funding for the Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship has come from:.

The Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship is funded by generous gifts, grants, contributions and bequests. Your support of this scholarship benefits important research and community projects. Graduate students enrolled full time at a university or college may apply for the scholarship.

Do opposites attract? The fact and the fiction behind the myth

Download podcasts and audio versions of recent articles from NASP publications. Don’t have time to read the whole CQ? You can now listen to selected articles online or download them to your iPod or MP3 player. Bottiani, Catherine P. It’s Easy! Guiney, Arlene E.

Undergraduate Psychology Department Scholarships given the growing popularity of online dating, and how relationship professionals can help online daters.

Whose Decision Is It, Anyway? Healthier Together? Epigenetic effects of in utero stress on spontaneous behavior and glutamate receptor expression in caenorhabditis elegans. Adipose-specific Huntingtin knockout mice display alterations in response to metabolic challenges , Wes Solem. Behavioral Characterization of B6. Michael Loran Williams. Putting our best foot forward: Exploring ways to increase engagement with diversity , Hannah Anderson and Sarah Enders.

Preferred leadership attributes among liberals and conservatives , James R. Camp, Austen P. Turner, and Joshua Thompson. Are You Following The Crowd? Who’s in control?

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*[PDF] BOOKS Careers in Psychology: Opportunities in a Changing World *( The Greeks Nailed Every Type of Relationship Years Ago – Funny dating fails.

The world of psychology is filled with professionals who are connected to wanting people, even strangers, to have the opportunity be the best versions of themselves. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all. The study of psychology has evolved over the years, and as our world changes so does the challenges facing us. When one reflects back on how society treated mental illness less than years ago, we feel grateful for those pioneers and researchers that shared with us the knowledge they found so we can have understanding and compassion in our hearts.

Not only does the world of psychology encompass mental illness and research, but also the more interpersonal relationships. Today, there are many interpersonal relationships in our culture. Long ago are the days when it was just Marriage and Family Therapy. We embrace many kinds of specialties that are reflective of our society in the 21st century.

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Unfortunately, some of these relationships involve physical and psychological violence. One in eight teens report having been a victim of physical dating.

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Dating & Relationship Psychology Scholarship

Twenty-five psychology majors and two English majors will participate in Scholarship Sewanee on April 27, , with 9 posters based on research in the Department. As is traditional, from 3 until 5 p. Simulating the college student lifestyle: the effects of a high-fat diet and ethanol exposure on cognition and behavior in a mouse model. Albert Bardi instructor. Zoey Craft. What is Bullying?

Psychology/Positive Organizational Scholarship is uniquely useful to seven-​figure gifts are rooted in relationships dating back many years.

The CSC promotes equal opportunity, gender equity, and cultural exchange. Applications are encouraged from a diverse range of candidates. Each year, the CSC invites selected nominating bodies to submit a specific number of nominations. The deadline for nominating bodies to submit nominations to the CSC is 18 December The CSC invites around three times more nominations than scholarships available — therefore, nominated candidates are not guaranteed to be awarded a scholarship.

There are no quotas for scholarships for any individual country. Candidates nominated by national nominating agencies are in competition with those nominated by other nominating bodies, and the same standards will be applied to applications made through either channel. The CSC invites around three times more nominations than scholarships available — therefore, nominated candidates are not guaranteed to get a scholarship. Each nominating body is responsible for its own selection process and may have additional eligibility criteria.

Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships